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4 Steps to Having an Unforgettable Road Trip

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met on a plane?

When you’re a full-time world traveler, it’s sometimes easy to fall into the habit of flying wherever you go. We’re understandably eager to take the quickest way to see everything that our planet has to offer. However, it’s incredibly valuable to slow down once in a while and appreciate your surroundings.

For this purpose, a road trip is ideal – think of it like reading a novel compared to a tweet! Flights may be quick and convenient, but nothing quite compares to hitting the road and immersing yourself in your surroundings; there’s value in the journey itself.

To help you have the best possible adventure on the road, no matter where you decide to go, here are a few helpful tips.

how to have an unforgettable roadtrip

Don’t over-plan your road trip

Don’t get me wrong, planning is essential, but excessive scheduling tends to dampen the experience of a road trip, even if you think it will reduce stress on the road. Once the necessary preparations are in place – destination, maps, food, transport – you’ll do well to avoid pigeon-holing yourself into concrete plans.

You’re bound to have certain landmarks in mind, and that’s fine, but the important thing is to be open to changing your ideas from time to time. This is because many of the greatest moments when traveling are likely to be the spontaneous ones.

Pick your ride wisely

Assuming you’re far away from home in an exotic country, you’re going to need to get yourself a vehicle. The sort of ride you opt for will essentially influence the nature of your road trip, so it’s important to decide on a general idea of what you want the experience to be like (again, be careful not to over-plan).

For example, if you’re in Vietnam and want to get around as the locals do, you could hire a motorbike that allows you to navigate through the bustling cities and also traverse the country terrain.


Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more quiet road trip, you could always hire a car. They’re especially great for a little added comfort, the ability to listen to your favorite songs on the road and have plenty of space for your luggage.

Tip: What kind of car you need depends on your destination, trip type and how many people you will be.

There are many options to choose from to suit different needs, from simple hatchbacks to more comfortable sedans which offer more space to stretch your legs.

Use technology sparingly

The most obvious benefit to this point is it makes practical sense to save battery power on important devices like phones and GPS. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself lost in the middle of nowhere (it can still happen, even with a map!) with no means to charge your phone to call for assistance.

But more than that, moderating your use of technology, such as avoiding watching films on your laptop, allows you to appreciate the journey so much more. After all, that’s the entire point of a road trip in the first place!

That said, making good use of your photography equipment is an excellent way to combine the two, as you need to appreciate your surroundings to take quality photos and videos.

travel pics on a road trip

Personal space

Admittedly, the issue could well be the exact opposite if you’re traveling alone, but if you have travel buddies, make sure to take the occasional break from each other.

No matter how close you may be, being in close quarters with other people for long journeys can take its toll. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, taking a breather by yourself will help you keep your sanity and avoid that dreaded cabin fever!

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